Offered every Thursday, youth ages 5 to 17 years are guided on an exploration of God's Word, the Bible, using creative lessons, role play, and discussions on contemporary, age-appropriate topics. The Youth Bible Study begins at 5:30pm weekly.

Adults meet for Bible Study every Thursday beginning at 6:30pm. They are also led on an exploration of God's Word, the Bible to gain an understanding of God's plan of salvation and a deeper understanding of the Apostle's doctrine as recorded in scripture.


Planting seeds for the Kingdom...

Outreach to the Sandtown-Winchester and Harlem Park communities is ongoing through the implementation of community clean-ups, an annual health fair, and other activities that will be beneficial to members of the community.


Meeting the Needs

Preaching & Teaching


Planting seeds for the Kingdom...

  1. Mentoring
  2. Leadership Training
  3. ​Career/College Prep

Christian Discipleship

  • ​Healthy Families
  • School & Career Guidance

Community Outreach

Youth & Adult Bible Study


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